IMPACT 2022 Tentative Program (updated on Aug. 19th,2022)

Oral Session      Poster Session

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TimeWednesday October 26TimeThursday October 27TimeFriday October 28
 Room 504abc Room 504ab Room 504a
10:00-10:20Joint Opening & Award Ceremony09:00-09:40<Plenary Speech III>
Yee-Wei Huang, VP, Realtek

Plenary Speech IV

Hidenori Abe, Director, Showa Denko Materials

10:20-11:10<Plenary Speech I>
Kamheng Lee,Senior Director,TSMC

Plenary Speech V

Shiuh-Kao Chiang, Managing Partner, Prismark

11:10-12:00<Plenary Speech II>
ST Liew
President of Qualcomm Taiwan
10:00-12:00R504 aR504 bR504 cR50310:30-12:30

R504 aR504 bR504 cR503
IEEE- EPS PanelTechnological Innovation by Nan Ya PlasticsrGo metallization process and its applications on 5G PCB by

Advanced Bonding and Interconnect Technology
Market trend:Innovative More-than-Moore Packaging
Power Electronics

Advanced Packaging Ⅱ
HDI, IC Substrate and FPC Technology
13:10-15:10R504 aR504 bR504 cR50313:10-15:10R504 aR504 bR504 cR50313:30-15:30R504 aR504 bR504 c
Packaging Innovations by
High Speed PCB for edge computing applications by AtotechJIEP

Advanced Packaging Ⅰ
Intel Modular Data Center Platform Design Architecture
Fan-Out and Heterogeneous Packaging
Advanced and Green Materials and ProcessAdvacned Design & Emerging ModelingAdvanced Packagng Process and Design

Advanced Substrate/PCB Process and Manufacturing

15:10-15:40Poster session (Packaging)15:10-15:40Poster session (PCB)
High Density Fan-out Packaging Solution for Chiplets by ASEAdvanced packaging for data center/ server applications by Atotech3D EmbeddingAdvanced Design, Modeling & Testing IHeterogeneous
Advanced Design, Modeling & Testing IIAdvanced Materials, Automatic Process & AssemblyTest, Quality, Inspection and Reliability
18:00-20:00IMPACT 2022 Welcome Dinner
(Invited only)

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Co-hosting Event - TPCA Show 2022