Oral Sessions


Pleanry IV

Oct. 28, 2022 08:50 AM - 09:30 AM

Room: R504a
Session chair: Hsien-Chie Cheng, Distinguished Professor, FCU

Co-creative Packaging Evaluation Platform “JOINT2” for 2.xD and 3D Package

Plenary speaker

Hidenori Abe, Director, Showa Denko Materials

We continue to provide the highly reliable and process compatible materials by the packaging fabrication and evaluation utilizing our installed facility which has the similar spec as our customers. On the other hand, the semiconductor packaging requires more and more complicated structure and process to keep increasing the performance at a reasonable cost. Showa Denko Materials has started Packaging Solution Center as new R&D center to propose one-stop solution for customers in 2018 and established the co-creative packaging evaluation platform “JOINT2” with leading companies to accelerate the development of advanced materials, equipment and substrates for 2.xD and 3D package in October, 2021. We introduce the significance and strength of JOINT2 and the R&D update status.
Abe is leading R&D of semiconductor, substrate and display materials at Showa Denko. In addition, he is head of packaging solution center, which is open innovation hub in advanced packaging development. He launched JOINT2, new advanced packaging consortium targeting 2.xD and 3D package in 2021.
Prior to current mission, Hidenori Abe has been a General Manager of CMP slurry business sector for three years. Before that Abe was a manager of Marketing Promotion group in Innovation Promotion Center at Hitachi Chemical for 2 years with responsibility to propose new R&D projects, especially targeting new business field for Hitachi Chemical using new technology, and also to promote developing R&D products. Abe was manager of business development group in packaging solution center at Hitachi Chemical for 1 year with responsibility to promote open laboratory to partners such as customers and equipment makers, responsibility of marketing wearable related materials. Before that, Abe was molding compounds engineer at Hitachi Chemical. During his 16 years carrier as molding compounds engineer, Abe spent time doing responsibility of development of non-conductive carbon, Green molding compounds, Cu wire compatible molding compounds, wafer level compression compounds, power module molding compounds and so on. His Cu wire compatible molding compounds development work contributed to the promotion to Cu wire conversion through several published papers.
Abe received a master degree in chemical engineering field from Tokyo institute of technology, Japan and a master degree at the EMBA course from Oxford, UK.


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