Oral Sessions



Oct. 27, 2022 13:10 PM - 15:10 PM

Room: R504a
Session chair: Yasumitsu Orii, NAGASE & CO., LTD./ Andy Tsai,NAGASE TAIWAN CO., LTD.

Via filling with high uniformity and flash etching with low surface roughness process for fine line formation
發表編號:S13-1時間:13:10 - 13:34

Invited Speaker


Flip chip ball grid alley (FC-BGA) substrate is well known as a package to connect semiconductor and mother board. And these substrates are produced by semi-additive process (SAP). Recently, with the high functionality is required for server and PC, FC-BGA substrate is also rapidly required to be high densification and functionality. Especially, flatness, planer filling and uniformity are necessary for copper plating and suppressing transmission loss and no undercut are necessary for flash etching. To meet these demands, we have developed new copper plating process and flash etching process.

Novel thermosetting film for reducing transmission loss
發表編號:S13-2時間:13:34 - 13:58

Invited Speaker

Meiten Koh, Director, Ph.D, TAIYO INK.MFG

There were increasing demand for decreasing transmission loss at mm wavelength application. In order to reduce dielectric loss, it was preferable to use a material with lower Dk/Df compared to conventionally used epoxy film for circuit board and interlayer insulation film. Since the dielectric loss of the epoxy resin film was particularly worse at high temperature and high humidity, a material with stable dielectric loss even at high temperature and high humidity was desired. Thermoplastic resins such as LCP and PPE have been proposed as candidates, but these resins had inferior in process ability and reliability due to their thermoplasticity. We have synthesized a new thermosetting copolymer based on PPE, which showed excellent dielectric properties. And by blending this resin as a base, we have developed a new thermosetting film that has excellent dielectric properties even under high temperature and high humidity conditions, as well as process ability and reliability equivalent to epoxy resin films. In this presentation, I will describe the development and various characteristics of the new film.

PacTech’s Heterogeneous Integration ToolBox
發表編號:S13-3時間:13:58 - 14:22

Invited Speaker

Thomas Oppert, VP Global Sales, PacTech


The latest molding technology and solution for advanced packaging
發表編號:S13-4時間:14:22 - 14:46

Invited Speaker

1. Tatsuya Shimura,President / 2.Keigo Imoto,Group Manager ,Yamaha Robotics Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Recent advances in packaging technology have led to the establishment of semiconductor packages that require greater integration and geometric efficiency.
Three dimensional system integration using through silicon via (TSV), COC (Chip on Chip), POP (Package on Package) are representative examples of 3D technology.
Passive interposers for 2.5D/2.1D assembly have also been contenders.
In this presentation, a new generation Apic Yamada Molding Technology and solutions are introduced which required for advanced packages
i.e smaller footprint, lower profile with multi-stacking for highest density integration with better thermal performance.

Assembly Process and Materials for Direct Bonded Heterogeneous Integration (DBHi) Si Bridge Package
發表編號:S13-5時間:14:46 - 15:10

Invited Speaker

Akihiro Horibe, IBM Research - Tokyo

We have developed silicon bridged multi chip module, named direct bonded heterogeneous integration (DBHi) package. The DBHi package structure allows direct connection of processor chips through a silicon bridge leading to high-bandwidth and low-power communication for artificial intelligence (AI) workloads. In this talk, assembly technologies and materials to enable reliable DBHi packages and analysis results of thermo-mechanical FEM modeling are presented.


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