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S11:The new metallization process by Reduced Graphene Oxide and its innovative applications on 5G PCB interconnection by TRIALLIAN

Oct. 27, 2022 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Room: R504c
Session chair: Ding-Chiang Yeh, General Manager, Triallian Corporation

New metallization process and its exclusive application on copper electroplating for next generation.
發表編號:S11-1時間:10:00 - 10:30

Invited Speaker

Yi-Yung Chen, R&D Engineer, Triallian Corporation

In view of the common problem by the current metallization on 5G HF materials with poor adhesion and non-uniformity of electroless copper metallization on the sidewall of blind via. We offer an option of metallization process by using Reduced Graphene Oxide. This process (so-called nano scale metallization process) not only could solve the above problems, but also offer advantages of environment-friendly and operating convenient . Furthermore, its unique special properties can enhance the filling performance on copper plating. Meanwhile, rGO is the acid process which is different from the traditional metallization on alkaline state, thus, it can be used as a privilege in enlarging the dry film applications on PCB design, for example: to improve the filling power as well as the good uniformity on track. Upgrade the demand of fine line.

New options by innovative copper electroplating process (IT1&IT3) for future demands
發表編號:S11-2時間:10:30 - 11:00

Invited Speaker

Matthias Hampel, Global Executive Representative - PCB & Electronics, Schlötter

With intensive thinking, some new ideas for optimizing the traditional process would be very interested, such as copper pillar process; mSAP process and via filling together with through plating in automotive field. On copper pillar process, using rGO on dry film can balance the current density distribution in the hole of fully panel during electroplating, the yield of pillar can be enhanced. For mSAP and via filling together with through plating , the other idea is using ultra via-filling plating(so-called flash plating) together with RPP afterward, thus, can improve the thickness of uniformity both on track and through hole. And even more to upgrade the fine line device.

Universal copper electroplating system (SF50&XF60) for 5G PCB.
發表編號:S11-3時間:11:00 - 11:30

Invited Speaker

Vera Lipp, Head of R&D – PCB &Electronics, Schlötter

With the demands especially on 5G era, the design of circuit board are facing new challenges which combine smaller via together with higher I/O density device and larger thermal via for heat transfer in one board. Consequently, in general, the standard copper electroplating filling process is very hard to fulfill the needs, for example: the plating process with good filling power could be satisfied for large via, but it could make over filling for the small, and vice versa. With this respect one of the special property of SF50 was developed to cover this critical demand and meanwhile has been confirmed by several market fields, such as AiP; RF; HPC; mSAP; Optical module and Automotive. Furthermore, XF60 is designed for ultra-thin flash via-filling, specially apply for thermal big via, which can not only eliminate copper thinning process, but also could achieve the finer line demand.

An innovative reverse pulse plating system apply especially for super high throughput.
發表編號:S11-4時間:11:30 - 12:00

Invited Speaker

CHIH-CHIEH HSU, Triallian Corporation

In the era of 5G, the needs of HLC PCB market are growing alongside with the quick expansion of infrastructure of base stations. When review the production of traditional electroplating process on HLC board, the throughput are always facing low efficiency and high cost. To overcome those problems the new pulse-reverse plating system – PRT3300 was developed, the main features are using higher current density with lower reverse ratio (lower plating time) could achieve good plating performance, such as: high throwing power, fine crystalline, non-uneven in the hole, longer life-time…etc.


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