Oral Sessions


Plenary III- Yee-Wei Huang ,VP,Realtek

Oct. 27, 2022 09:00 AM - 09:40 AM

Room: R504ab
Session chair: Wei-Chung Lo, ITRI

Future Trends of Networks and Multimedia

Plenary speaker

Yee-Wei Huang , VP, Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

It may be obvious to most that Networks offer ubiquitous connectivity to connect devices. It should be equally obvious, even if one has not realized, that multimedia, with underlying audio and video technologies, offers the most natural connectivity to connect devices and humans. We will examine the future trends of networks, those involving Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in particular, and multimedia, their underlying audio and video technologies, as the world becomes more connected while devices become more intelligent, autonomous, and interactive.
Yee-Wei Huang is currently Spokesperson and Vice President of Realtek Semiconductor Corporation. He has been in the semiconductor industry for 35+ years with experiences ranging from a Fortune 500 company to Silicon Valley start-up, but always focusing on SoC and related IP solutions for the computing, consumer, communications and automotive markets. Yee-Wei has a PhD in Chemical Engineering, MS in both Chemical Engineering and Computer Science, and an MBA degree.


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