Oral Sessions


S5: High Density Fan-out Packaging Solution for Chiplets by ASE

Oct. 26, 2022 15:40 PM - 17:40 PM

Room: R504a
Session chair: Chen-Chao Wang,ASE

Development Trend of Advanced Packaging for HPC
發表編號:S5-1時間:15:40 - 16:10

Invited Speaker

Mu Hsuan Chan, Department manager, SPIL

Disaggregate & integrate to Satisfy Power, Performance, Area and Cost by Chiplet Technology

Low temperature direct bonding in atmosphere using highly (111)-oriented nanotwinned Ag thin films
發表編號:S5-2時間:16:10 - 16:40

Invited Speaker

Fan-Yi Ouyang, Professor, NTHU

In the development of 3D IC technology, metal-to-metal direct bonding has been regarded as an important technique to enable heterogeneous integration. In this talk, we proposed to adopt highly (111) oriented nanotwinned Ag films as bonding materials due to their good electrical and mechanical properties. The twin spacing and hardness of Ag films is around 9 nm and 1.9 GPa, respectively. The Ag-to-Ag direct bonding using highly (111) oriented nanotwinned Ag films and bumps can be achieved by thermo compression bonding process at 180–200 ℃ under air atmosphere within a short time. The bonding ratio could be higher than 90 %, and the bonding strength could reach over 100 MPa in the shear test. Furthermore, the nanotwinned structure still remained after bonding process, demonstrating good thermal stability of nanotwins. Meanwhile, the Ag-to-Ag bonding samples could provide good specific contact resistance. The corresponding bonding mechanism would be discussed in more details in this work.

Planning and Assembly Verification of Heterogeneous Packages
發表編號:S5-3時間:16:40 - 17:10

Invited Speaker

Rony Wang, Account Technology Manager, Siemens EDA

Heterogeneous Package is more complex than general package and design & verification is more challenged. We will discuss how to use planning, design, and verification tools to solve heterogeneous package issue and sign-off verification platform in the topic.

Thermal Solution for High Power FOCoS Package
發表編號:S5-4時間:17:10 - 17:40

Invited Speaker

HX Huang, Deputy Technical Manager, ASE

In recent years, integrated circuits (ICs) have exhibited the trends of high performance, small size, and heterogeneous integration. Heterogeneous integrations are commonly used today to extend Moore's law beyond the limitations. The FOCoS is the most popular semiconductor package structure which providing a promising cost-effective heterogeneous design for higher bandwidth, processor clock speeds and power densities applications.
Thus, developing the integrated thermal management from package level to system level is needed to ensure the performance and reliability of high power FOCoS ICs. In this presentation, several analysis of package to system level thermal solutions and prediction tools will be introduced for future high performance devices.


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