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S2:High Speed PCB for Edge Computing Applications by Atotech

Oct. 26, 2022 13:10 PM - 15:10 PM

Room: R504b
Session chair: Eddy Chen,Atotech

Impact of increasing data speeds and the influence to the PCB requirements.
發表編號:S2-1時間:13:10 - 13:40

Invited Speaker

Scott Hinaga, Technical engineer, Cisco

As channel speeds increase from 56 to 112GBps and beyond, new PCB materials and structures are required which pose challenges for PCB shops and CCL makers alike. This presentation will touch on signal integrity drivers at the bare board and laminate material levels which will be critical in developing routers and switches at 800G and above.

A Key aspect of Edge Computing, the 3D chips impact on PCB’s & Interposers
發表編號:S2-2時間:13:40 - 14:10

Invited Speaker

Joe Dickson, SR VP Product Operations & Innovations, Wus

A Brief Overview of Why???
• Examples of strategies for Interposers
• Wus new manufacturing ideas for new market
• Chip technologies are moving off the baseboard to Interposer type PCB’s and substrate SOP’s
• Design examples of next generation PCB/Interposer processes that will enable this technology

Challenges and manufacturing solution for high-speed networking PCBs
發表編號:S2-3時間:14:10 - 14:40

Invited Speaker

Patrick Brooks, Global Product Director- Surface Treatment Technology(STT), Atotech

The new generation of telecommunication network called 5 G has been actively entering the market and expanding in rapid speed. This trend has driven the electrical frequency that used in electronic devices continues to elevate. Thus, reshaped the manufacturing of modern PCB moving toward extraordinary high performance bonding process which required ultra-low loss of signal integrity, whilst meeting industrial standards for adhesion reliability. This presentation will cover challenges in bonding enhancement for high-speed networking PCB and its solution to manufacturing process. Moving toward advanced hybrid bonding system which the chemical interaction between dielectrics and conductor is also considered, rather than solely rely on the mechanical anchoring of rough surface.

Advanced PCB Lamination Material Development for High-Speed Networking Application
發表編號:S2-4時間:14:40 - 15:10

Invited Speaker

Jim Kenny, Business Development Manager, Panasonic

Information technology is dramatically improved these days. Ultra-highspeed application such as fifth-generation mobile communication system(5G) and wireless communication such as GPS and Bluetooth is getting more popular. In near the future, plenty of data traffic will be covered by them. In addition, we expect 6G and satellite communication will be developed and global standards to be set in near the future. We can expect Internet of things (IoT) which all of devices are connected each other is coming soon. In the future, Internet of Everything (IoE) will also come to the world. At that time, the number of device and traffic speed will dramatically increase.
The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is required to have high speed signal, be high-density capable and support high-layer counts. In addition, PCB is required to be environmentally friendly.
We introduce our approaches to achieve electronic properties required and to satisfy future application demand.


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