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IMPACT-EMAP 2020 Final Program (updated on Oct 14th)

*IMPACT-EMAP committee reserves the right to modify 

Plenary IndustrialSpecialPackagingPCBPoster
TimeWednesday October 21TimeThursday October 22TimeFriday October 23
 Room 504abc Room 504ab Room 504ab
10:00-11:20Joint Opening & Award Ceremony(10:00-10:30)09:00-09:50<Plenary Speech III>
Dr. CP Hung, Vice President, ASE Group
Topic:Now and Future SiP for Double HI
09:20-10:10<Plenary Speech V>
Mr. David Chang, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Taiwan
Topic: Impact of Connected Manufacturing in the New 5G Era
<Plenay I>(10:30-11:20)
Dr. Marvin Liao, Vice President, TSMC
Topic: 3D Advanced Packaging Technology and Manufacturing
11:20-12:10<Plenary Speech II>
Dr. John Lau, CTO, Unimicron
Topic:Heterogeneous Integration for HPC Application Driven by AI and 5G
10:00-10:50<Plenary Speech IV>
Dr. Wenchi Ting, Vice President, UMC
Topic: Emergent Memory Technology at the Crossroads
11:00-12:00Foyer areaHeterogeneous Integration-23D EmbeddingMachine Learning Application
【Poster session】 (PCB&Packaging)
HPC by AtotechJIEP Advanced Packaging 1Advanced and Green Materials and ProcessAI Technology by ASENew Materials for Next Generation by Nan ya plasticPower Eletronic Packaging Advanced Materials and ProcessHDI Technology
15:10-15:40Coffee break15:10-15:40Coffee break
SiP by SPILSignal and Power IntegrityWarpage Characterization Test, Quality, AOI, Inspection and ReliabilityHeterogeneous Integration-1ICEPDesign, Modeling & TestingAdvanced Packaging 2Electro Deposition and Electrochemical Processing Technology
18:00-20:00x18:00-20:00International Welcome Dinner
(Invited only)

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