Advance Program Release

Authors are required to check your paper acceptance notice and advance program.
Please make sure your presentation date and prepare for the best.
All authors including oral and posters are both required to upload your full-paper file and IEEE copyright form before August 15.
If as a speaker you are, for any reason, unable to attend the conference, we would urge that a co-author or appropriate colleague from your company/university present the paper in your place. If you want to cancel your paper or change speaker/oral presenter, please do notify IMPACT secretariat in writing immediately via email to [email protected] and phone to +886-3-3815659#405 IMPACT secretariat (TPCA) as the host and IEEE-CPMT as one of the organizers are responsible for the quality of the event and cannot permit confirmed and announced papers to not be presented.

Review IMPACT 2015’s Final Report

IMPACT 2016 present you brand-new website.
Before you submit your paper and participate this conference, let’s take a quick glance of IMPACT 2015 final report!
* IMPACT 2015 had total 538 participants from 19 nationalities with 21% overseas rate
* IMPACT 2015 had 190 papers and speeches with 40% overseas rate