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   In order to avoid dangerous climate change, provide sustainable green energy and better life for global population, the ICT products and services need to gain further effective improvements in system performance and integration, and innovate to reduce environmental impact. Over the past years, IMPACT conference, a remarkable platform, continually pay attention to the latest trends of global micro-system, packaging and circuit technology, and encourage the development and research of new materials, processes and designs in realizing the versatile system demands for advanced consumer, communication, cloud & mobile computing, medical and automobile applications.


    IMPACT sincerely welcomes you to IMPACT-IAAC 2013 Joint Conference which will be held in conjunction with TPCA Show 2013 on 22nd -25th at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall. This year, the 2nd IAAC (IMAPS All Asia Conference) is rotated in Taiwan, and a joint international conference of IMPACT and IAAC is organized by IEEE CPMT-Taipei, iMAPS-Taiwan, ITRI and TPCA. To cater for the technology trends, the theme of IMPACT-IAAC 2013 highlights Green & Cloud: Creating Value and Toward Eco-Lifeand will arrange Panel Sessions, invited talks, industrial sessions and outstanding paper presentations. Furthermore, IMPACT keeps collaborating with International organizations such as ICEP from Japan and iNEMI from U.S.A. We hope this Conference to be successful and to become an important and valuable resource under your contribution and participation.




Date: October 22 (Tue.) - October 25 (Fri), 2013

Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Conference: IMPACT-IAAC 2013 Joint Conference

Exhibition : TPCA Show 2013

Theme: Green & Cloud: Creating Value and Toward Eco-Life


Agenda Highlights


Plenary Speaker   

  Profile of Plenary Speaker

Prof. Ricky Lee (HKUST, HK)

Dr.  Dyi Chung Hu (Unimicron, Taiwan)

Dr. Yasumitsu Orii (IBM Japan, Ltd., Japan)

Prof.  K. W. Paik (KAIST, Korea)

Dr Islam Salama (Intel, USA)


Invited Speaker

Profile of Invited Speaker

IAAC Opening & Meeting  *Oct.22 13:30

Panel Discussion-- Sustainability  *Oct.23 13:30

Advanced Packaging-- SPIL  *Oct.23 15:45

IAAC GBC  *Oct.23 15:45
IP Session  *Oct.23 15:45

ICEP Japan Packaging *Oct.24 10:30

3D IC Forum *Oct.24 14:30 

iNEMI Reliability Session *Oct.25 10:30





For questions on paper submission, please contact:
Technical Program Chair
  Dr. Yu-Hua Chen 陳裕華 (IMAPS-Taiwan)
Technical Program Co-chair

Prof.  Hsiang-Chen Hsu 徐祥禎 (ISU)

Prof.  Hsien-Chie Cheng 鄭仙志 (Feng Chia)


Dr. Rolf Aschenbrenner (Fraunhofer IZM)


Dr. Yasumitsu Orii (IBM Japan, Ltd.)

Local Committee Chair
  Long-Shien Lin 林龍賢 (IMAPS-Taiwan)                                  
Requests for information about the symposia please fordward to:


Taiwan Printed Circuit Association
Tel: +886 3 381 5659 #404
(Sophia Huang)
Fax: +886 3 381 5150



IMPACT 2013 acknowledged both by IEEE and IMAPS

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